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05th January 2013
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'...each mountain area is captured not just visually but in spirit too.'
-- Review, Call Out magazine, June 2012
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'...a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive celebration of Ireland’s mountains,based on the author’s journeys and enhanced with stories from Ireland’s history and folklore.'
-- Judges comments, Boardman Tasker Awards 2011
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'An eye-opener of a book, full of stunningly sharp and strikingly composed photographs, which makes the reader feel like setting off straight away to an easily-reached but under-appreciated part of the world. Folklore, history and modern developments are all covered in the elegantly-phrased and informative text.'
-- Judges comments, OWPG Awards 2011
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'Some might wonder why people want to walk on our hills. Quite simply, this book is why. It is a glorious celebration, and the enthusiasm of the author for his subject abounds on every page. This book also reminds us that our mountains are perhaps one of our most precious resources, to be savoured, treasured, and denied to none'
-- Alan Tees, President, Mountaineering Ireland

'This is the most beautiful book I have seen about the hills of Ireland...This is a book in a thousand. Buy it, read it, then go west'
-- Cameron McNeish, TGO review, May 2011
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'From High Places reveals a primeval mountain landscape that is rich with history, tradition and romance. The stunning images and compelling narrative are more than enough to inspire this reader to get off the couch and start walking! Thank you Adrian Hendroff for opening my eyes to Ireland's hidden treasures'
-- Bernadette McDonald, author, climber, festival director

-- Tom Dunne, Newstalk 106-108fm Ireland

'For anyone interested in mountain or hill walking in Ireland Adrian Hendroff's book From High places is a must. It is a lovely lovely book and a great production by The History Press Ireland. The photographs are absolutely wonderful. So get the walking boots on'
-- Charlie Bird, RTE

'The book is inspirational in its imagery and captures Ireland's mountains in a
previously unseen way'

-- Ciara Scully, Fáilte Ireland

'I love ‘From High Places’; apart from the stunning pictures, I’ve had enormous pleasure reading about the local tales associated with the beautiful places I’ve discovered while out walking in Ireland. I’ve flicked through memories from hiking in Kerry and Wicklow; and dipped into landscapes which I’ve yet to discover. For me, Adrian’s book is a road-map to the hidden treasures of Ireland which all of us can share'
-- Teena Gates, Head of News, 98FM

'Adrian Hendroff's beautiful book does for the mountains of Ireland what the romantic poets did for the English Lakes. He has sung their praises and made them objects of desire. He has shown them to be attractive, challenging and eminently walkable. "From High Places" is not so much a travel book as a love story, written by someone who is deeply devoted to the high places of Ireland'
- D.J.Phillips, review on

'The photographs will warm the hearts of mountain-lovers everywhere...'
-- Patrick O'Sullivan, Editor, Irish Mountain Log review, Summer 2011
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'This book deserves to be enjoyed far and wide. Wherever it travels, it will inspire visits to our stunning mountains'
-- Conor O'Hagan, Editor, Walking World Ireland review, Issue No.101, 2011
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‘...for magical inspiration and sheer indulgence, consider this loving portrayal of some very secret areas of Ireland’
-- Kate Worthington, review in the MLTA e-newsletter, July 2011
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'If you thought that Ireland had just a handful of hills then you will probably be as pleasantly surprised as I was looking through this beautiful new book...'
-- Carl Rogers, review in Walking Wales Magazine, Issue No.54 2011
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'...a great and informative read certainly, but most of all it inspires you to go and explore these mountain ranges.'
-- Trek & Mountain review, September 2011
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Reviews on

'Fabulous addition to any hiker's library'
-- RTE Guide

'A literary, informative, uplifting guide to walks in south west Ireland'
--Irish Examiner

'This book is stunningly illustrated with his own photographs and every grid reference is given, so that you couldn't go the wrong way, even if you tried'
-- Dan MacCarthy, Irish Examiner

'...a revelation to me, as in my wildest dreams I never suspected that there were so many locations in the area worth a visit'
-- Barry O'Flynn, Irish Mountain Log review, Autumn 2011
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'It's eminently readable; Adrian Hendroff's love of mountains comes across in words and pictures, and it's a worthwhile investment for anyone new to or revisiting these superb routes'
-- Conor O'Hagan, Walking World Ireland, No.104
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'With nearly thirty walks this guide has something for all walkers and will inspire many an adventure.'
-- Neal McAloon, MLTA e-news review, January 2012
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'Walk descriptions are excellent and appropriately detailed'
-- Tony Fagan, Irish Mountain Log, Winter 2012
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'A fine effort: if you need a guidebook for this neck of the woods, you'll be happy with this one'
-- Peter Walker, Mountain Views, December 2012
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'For any walker - veteran or not - these are simply indispensable guides to the best trails in Ireland'
-- RTE Guide